Our directors work closely with senior client executives in counselling relationships or as senior advisers in the steering group of client project teams.

In the latter case we serve as an “of counsel” senior partner, providing an ongoing, independent challenge to the project in its various stages. We ensure the issues are well understood, the analysis well-structured and tested and the strategies and implementation plans realistic and achievable. In this “devil’s advocate” role, we encourage vigorous debate of options and test the robustness and effectiveness of these options as well as costs, disruption and other possible risks to the client’s business. 

We also help a number of leading PE groups screen potential investments and have served on the board of investee companies.

Some examples of our work:

We joined the steering group of a major growth initiative for the global wealth management business of a large commercial bank and brought an international perspective to the marketing and operational aspects of the business.  We guided the team to focus on the potential impact of the new business model on the bank’s customers.

We advised the board of a big data analysis business on how to accelerate the monetisation of their investment in a cutting-edge technology, following initial successful tests.

We acted as adviser to a global family owned group, guiding the expansion planning and the institutionalisation of the business, at a time of generation change in the leadership and management of the company.

We have screened PE investments in e.g. a start-up mortgage bank, an outsourced financial services compliance business, several Lloyd’s corporate underwriters, a P&C insurance start-up, an early stage export finance business, as well as banking and insurance consolidation targets in the former CEE.

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